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PrimeMyBody is a health, wellness and lifestyle company that embraces the movement to raise awareness on the importance of living a clean and healthy lifestyle; what you put in and on your body matters. With a goal to join their Affiliates and customer on their wellness journey by education and empowerment, they knew they needed a tool that would combine both

Prime My Body is a global company that helps people live wellness and create life-style. We formulate life-changing products with quality in mind, and that means using nothing but the best nature has to offer. Being healthy isn’t a fad or a trend…Instead, it’s a lifestyle, and our goal is to show the world just that.

Awaken your wellness with life impacting hemp products:

RECEPT is a broad spectrum hemp extract that includes premium, organically sourced phytocannabinoids and poly-terpenes. Delivered by Nano Technology, each phytonutrient in RECEPT is delivered to cells and Endocannabinoid System faster than ever. RECEPT is THC, ethanol, dairy, gluten and soy free. It is non-GMO and flavored with peppermint essential oil. It is manufactured in a Kosher and Halal Certified facility.

PMB line of products includes

  • CALM Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

  • NOX Nitric Oxide + Hemp-Infused Skin Rejuvenation Serum

  • Hydrate Pure: Hemp-Infused Moisturizer

  • Muscle & Joint – BODY THERAPY



A person can become a PrimeMyBody Affiliate by purchasing the Business Center for $39.00 annually, which includes access to your personal business center, replicated website, and online marketing tools. No product purchase is required.

Become a Preferred Customer and get wholesale pricing OR become and Affiliate, and get compensated for using and sharing our products with the world.


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