Finding the Best CBD Brand Products in 2020.

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There are so many CBD brands out there that choosing which one to go for, and then which products to buy, can be time-consuming. When it comes to hemp-sourced CBD products, there’s no regulatory authority that will investigate and approve brands and products for you. Any hemp-sourced CBD brand can claim to be selling the best product on the market, and unless you do your research, there’s no way of knowing if there’s any truth to what they claim.

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With these concerns in mind, and considering just how popular CBD products are becoming across the U.S., we decided to create a Top 10 List of the very best CBD brands operating today. While there isn’t a regulatory authority to assess brand and product quality, many CBD brands publish their results from third-party lab tests. Some brands on our list don’t give the names of the labs they use, all the brands we’ve chosen are third-party lab-tested.

We’ve also considered cost, CBD extraction techniques, whether brands are transparent about where their hemp products originate. Connecting with the consumer is just as important as anything else. So, these are our Top 10 CBD brands. We hope you have fun exploring!


4 Corners Cannabis


Before diving into the list of the top CBD brands for sale online, we want to make an honorable mention. Our friends at 4 Corners Cannabis offer a wide range of CBD products from tinctures to hemp flowers. Buy your CBD online and get quick and easy shipping to all 50 states.

Check out 4 Corners Cannabis here.

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#1 – Chong’s Choice


Selected by Tommy himself, Chong’s Choice gummies, oils, and creams are now available for one low price! Get the best from a name you can trust. No one knows CBD like Tommy Chong! CBD gummies offered by Chong’s Choice, and one of the main reasons why we think it deserves a spot on our Top 10 List. CBD gummies are one of the most potent healing foods on the planet. What’s more, Chong’s Choice website offers one of the simplest, most consumer-friendly explications of what CBD is and how it works that we’ve seen. We love how the brand has made itself so accessible to both experienced and novice CBD consumers at the same time.

Check out Chong’s Choice edibles here.

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#2 – BioCBD Plus


BioCBD Plus CBD oil capsules produced from ultra-concentrated hemp, organically grown and each capsule contains 10mg of CBD. Advocates of transparency, BiopCBD Plus regularly updates its link to results from third-party lab tests, and the brand uses a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to separate the CBD from the hemp plant. With traces of around 0.2% THC, BioCBD Plus CBD products are legal in all 50 states and shipped to any destination in the U.S. for free. With accessible prices thrown in on top, BioCBD Plus is the kind of brand that makes the consumer’s life just that little bit easier.

Check out BioCBD Plus CBD oil capsules here.

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#3 – CBDistillery


CBDistillery™ only sells the highest quality CBD powders that are derived from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the U.S. using natural farming practices. Our isolates contain high purity CBD and CBG with no other active ingredients. Crude ethanol extraction allows us to provide natural and clean CBD and CBG powders.

We also like the brand’s farming transparency. Industrial hemp, which is organically grown, is used to make isolates. If you know even a little bit about industrial hemp, you’ll see that it delivers a much higher CBD content than hemp sourced from cannabis, as well as deficient levels of THC. CBDistillery powders are super medicinal. The brand’s 30-day money-back guarantee is another consumer-friendly feature worth noting.

Check out CBDistillery here.

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#4 – Green Flower Botanicals


Green Flower Botanicals is the brand we’ve selected to top all others when it comes to CBD vape oil. Not only does the brand state that its oil has 0% THC, making it legal in all 50 U.S. states, but it also claims to produce extracts that are hexane, pesticides, and GMO-free. It’s a fun brand to connect with too. Its vape oils come in a range of flavors: OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Trainwreck.

The user experience on the Green Flower Botanicals website is yet another reason why we’ve added it to our list. It’s super simple to navigate. The latest lab results are especially easy to find. We also like the fact that consumers are invited to get involved by forming wholesale partnerships and joining affiliate programs. The community character of this brand is a real plus, in our opinion.

Check out Green Flower Botanicals vape oils here.

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#5 – CBDPure


CBDPure is the best brand for CBD Topicals owing to the quality of its all-natural, plant-based products that promote cellular-level skin repair. Both are free from what’s described as harmful or mysterious chemicals, leaving consumers worry-free. Made with certified non-GMO organic-standards hemp grown in Colorado and is free of contaminants and additives. With such dedication to producing the best products, the brand’s commitment to quality is undeniable.

Check out CBDPure topicals here.

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#6 – CBD American Shaman


With CBD American Shaman now, you can drink our Ultra Concentrated Hemp Oil Supplement. This fast-acting delivery system is up to 10 times more bioavailable than oil. This may be added to any drink and there are four flavors to choose from. It’s a trial and error process with CBD when using it for the first time, which is why the variety of CBD American Shaman product line is so consumer-friendly.

Another thing we like about this brand is that it uses organically-grown industrial hemp from the USA, to create full-spectrum oil tinctures. Full-spectrum CBD is a blend of CBD with other cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. While some people prefer a pure CBD isolate, there’s a lot to be said for the benefits of full-spectrum CBD products, as studies have shown that CBD is more effective when working alongside other cannabinoids.

Check out CBD American Shaman CBD oil tinctures here.

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#7 – CBDistillery


CBDistillery’s on the list for best waxes, and terp concentrates, made from non-GMO, pesticide-free, industrial hemp, grown outdoors using natural light and organic farming practices. According to CEO Chase Terwilliger, CBDistillery’s vision is to become a leader of the #CBDMOVEMENT, a campaign that’s powered by CBD education, research, and testimonials. The ultimate objective is to be able to deliver CBD to the masses.

While it hasn’t yet cornered a massive sales market or generated a real industry buzz, this brand is quietly creating some exciting products that are particularly appealing to real dab nerds and which are all 99% CBD isolates. Founded by a group of three Colorado natives, CBDistillery is a socially-conscious brand that believes everyone has the right to high-quality, fair-priced hemp-derived CBD.

Check out CBDistillery’s concentrates here.

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#8 – Honest Paws


Honest Paws has made its way onto our list for its caring attitude and community-care focus. Not only are all of its products 100% organic and made from whole-plant hemp oil, but the brand also offers discounts to shelters, fosters, and other animal rescue charities. Owners who might worry about possible pet allergies to the tinctures should even know that Honest Paws products are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and free from animal products, preservatives, SLS, gelatin, wheat, sugar, and dairy.

When you visit the website, you’ll see that Honest Paws has lots of specific products, developed for different animal species, categorizing its tinctures for cats, and dogs. Along with excellent customer service, Honest Paws products are very affordable.

Check out Honest Paws CBD products here.

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#9 – Pure Hemp


Do you have deep muscle pains or aches? Suffer from cracked skin or inflamed wounds? Then Pure Hemp skin-care products are an excellent choice for all ages. Not only is Pure Hemp skin-care products fast-acting, but it goes deep into the body to give you immediate relief. Using quality ingredients, so our salve can be applied directly to wherever you are in pain.

Check out Pure Hemp products here.

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#10 – 4 Corners Cannabis


Even though we’ve listed this brand once already, there’s no doubt that as an all-rounder, 4 Corners Cannabis deserves a special mention. Firstly, the brand offers a full range of products. It’s an incredibly transparent brand, with all the results from its third-party lab tests, made available to the public via its website. The hemp used is organic, and grown in Colorado, which means that it’s easy for the brand to regulate all farming practices and all stages of the cultivation process.

With a newly designed website to navigate and super simple to shop. With free delivery across the U.S. and a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, it’s hard to see where the consumer can go wrong. It even comes out looking pretty good in terms of cost.

Check out 4 Corners Cannabis and its products here.

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