Whether you’re brand new to CBD, or you’re already familiar with how it affects your body, one thing you might not be certain of is how long it stays in your system. CBD oil is legal and is widely used by people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other health issues.

Sometimes understanding what it is and how it works is limited because it is such a new supplement. This is especially true by businesses that may still frown on its usage because of the association with marijuana.

The first thing one should understand about CBD, and drug testing in general, is that the length of time a drug is measurable in your body, and the length of time drug impacts you, are two different things.

In general, CBD’s effects can be felt within an hour of ingestion. This time can vary depending on several factors including, body weight, body fat percentage, dosage amounts, consistency, and how the CBD was administered.

These felt effects generally only last a few hours, yet your body cannot rid itself of the active compounds that make up CBD instantly. This means that it can still remain in the body even after not taking CBD for several days. 


While there’s no sure way to know exactly how long your body will retain traceable amounts of CBD in the short term, there is an estimated limit to how long CBD should remain in your system, about one week. 

After one week, there should be no traces of CBD in the body that can be measurably recorded. One week is the most probable figure based on research, which set out to measure precisely this factor in its participants. In the study, participants were administered a 700mg dose of CBD every day for six weeks. This is an extremely high amount, for a significant amount of time.

Levels of CBD in the body were monitored throughout the test and were found to stay relatively consistent. The week after the CBD administration stopped, blood plasma levels of CBD dropped by upwards of 80%. The study concluded that after one week, levels of CBD in the body were ‘virtually undetectable thereafter.’

Furthermore, over the entire six week period, no THC was measurable in any subject that was administered this high dosage of CBD orally. 

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