CBD for Joint Pain & Arthritis

image of persons knee in pain


Arthritis affects over 50 million Americans. The two main types of arthritis are Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). While research so far has been promising, more research is necessary to confirm cannabidiol as an effective treatment for arthritis pain.

Many people with joint pain turn to painkillers, anticonvulsives, and anti-depressants for their suffering. Often this treatment can cause serious side effects or drug dependence.

This is why many are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to treat their joint and muscle pain. CBD, when administered, binds to the body’s CB2 receptor, which plays a huge role in the immune system by managing pain and inflammation.

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Considering most joint and muscle pain comes from autoimmune diseases using CBD oil can significantly reduce pain by reducing the inflammation. CBD blocks the receptors that are telling your brain to feel pain and can help offer relief at the source

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